Dimetrodon: A Fishy Discovery

Science news for kids.

Dimetrodon was a Piscivor!

This Dimetrodon (SAY: Die-Meat-Row-Don) lived about 280 million years ago in the Permian Era. That’s WAY before the dinosaurs lived! So he’s not really a dinosaur. Actually, he’s ancient a mammal-like reptile.

We think the sail on his back is REALLY, cool don’t you?

Scientists knew what Dimetrodon looked like from their bones, but what they ate was a mystery. Were they herbivores (plant eaters)? Or carnivores (meat eaters)?

Neither one! We tricked you!

Dimetrodon was a PISCIVOR (say PISS-kiv-or). Scientists have discovered that they ate fish and other animals that lived in the water.

Robert Bakker is a paleontologist at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. He reported his team’s cool discovery on October 14, at the annual meeting of the Society for Vertebrate Paleontology. For years, paleontologists thought Dimetrodon ate animals who live on land. “But that turns out to be wrong,” Bakker says.

Dimetrodon probably ate ancient sharks and Diplocaulus like this one!



What do you like to eat? Are you an herbivore? A carnivore? A piscivor? Or are you an omnivore – that means you eat EVERYTHING! Leave a comment for us!


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